i'm allisun.
treehuggin' veggie munchin' ivy eyed, ocean lovin' waterbaby!
i get a little bit heavy sometimes, i know all about the blues.

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spirit animal


pretty flowers.

*** Afternoon ***


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Well, yes, always a reblog. One of celtfire's classic photos of Deep Creek hot springs back in spring 1970. 
Onceuponatime, 44 years ago!

Anonymous said: Almost cried at the boy on your minds description. Such a lucky lady and a fortunate lad

thank you so much, i love you sweet soul ~

dreamcatchers and flower crowns soon to come on my etsy shop!


(via 500px / COW by Korakot Changpan)

"Her body becomes so calcium-depleted, her feet and legs so weakened, her body so emaciated that it is no longer cost effective to keep her. She becomes what industry calls a “cull” or “spent” dairy cow.The “spent” cows our inspectors see at livestock markets and slaughter plants in North America are heartbreaking. These cows are often lame, emaciated and weak. Lameness has many causes including sole ulceration, laminitis, and hoof rot. Some cows have internal disorders such as twisted stomachs, torn udder ligaments, acute or chronic mastitis (a painful bacterial infection), or are simply so weakened that they become what industry calls “downers”.Downers are non-ambulatory animals that are unable to rise, to stand or to walk without assistance. They may be non-ambulatory for a number of reasons: broken or dislocated hips, broken leg bones, ulcerated or infected hooves, or severe exhaustion.As soon as their milk production drops, they are sold at auction for slaughter. The transport to the slaughter plant can be very long for these weakened animals - in the United States, cows can legally be transported for up to 28 hours without food or water.”This worker is hosing the cow in an effort to get her to stand. ‘Downer’ cows cannot be slaughtered for human consumption.The dairy industry is based on physical and emotional abuse of animals. Ditch the cruelty, ditch the dairy.Text courtesy of Animals’ AngelsImage shared from EligeVeganisimo
 — with Zulma Matos.


Black Sabbath


Seaweed Circle by JRT Pickle on Flickr.


Why is body hair only unhygienic when its on a woman’s body?


We Heart It.

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