i'm allisun.
treehuggin' veggie munchin' ivy eyed, ocean lovin' waterbaby!
i get a little bit heavy sometimes, i know all about the blues.

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*** Afternoon ***





"Your dress is too short."

Thanks, the designer used your dick for inspiration.




I had a beautiful time with mescaline and body paint at Wakarusa this year!

mad nostalgia right now

Bodily vessel, I accept you.
My imperfections are beautiful.
I choose to speak from the Heart.
Radiance shines through.
Deep breaths, come home.
"I am not my hair, I am not my skin— I am the soul that lives within."
((This was taken from the perspective of my bathroom mirror))  ((Roadkill crow foot and citrine necklace gifted by the beautiful Matthew and Heather Wood Buzzard yellowtulipfinch.tumblr.com))

autumn happiness :))

Awww mate :’)

Zion Canyon by Benjamin-H on Flickr.

why does everyone in this freakin town need to come to the store every damn day of their lives? two? three times a day? are you really that bored? get a job, go somewhere else. i’m tired of seeing these people everyday I work more than once a day. they all think i’m their friend or i care about what they have to say to me, because it’s the same EVERYDAY. the stupid questions they ask me is what really ticks me off the most. you would think that being here everyday you would know that we don’t have a scanner gun that scans the heavier items in your cart. YES I NEED ALL THE FLAVORS ON THE CONVEYER BELT STOP BEING FUCKING LAZY. they ask me this everyday. i’m like, ” this store didn’t have a gun yesterday when you came in the store and i doubt it will get some any time soon so stop being lazy and put it up on the belt”. and then we have the nastiest people that come in the store. god forbid i ring up the wrong salt and they spit nasty comments and are so rude i just can’t believe you can treat a person like that, like really?? i can’t make a tiny mistake every once in a while. people are the worst sometimes. i work with the laziest co workers and it’s so hard to smile and be nice to them everyday when all they do is bitch about how much they hate being here right in front of customers, cussing and bitching up a storm. i mean i hate my job but at least i try and put on a nice demeanor when customers come through, i value my work ethic and my standard way too much to let something stupid jeopordize my job. i’m just so over it, i want to switch stores to have a different client base but it wouldn’t be beneficial to me, because i only live 2 minutes from the store. they keep screwing me over, i had to take days off for my birthday and next weekend for vacation and they punish you by cutting your hours. i got 7 hours this week and 5 hours next week. HOW FUCKING FAIR IS THAT. JESUS.

it’s getting ready to storm here really bad and people will still come to the store with hurricane force winds and hail and pouring rain. it makes me sick.

sorry for the anger…it prolly makes no sense because i am so mad, and i will prolly delete this later anyway


shoji spa with jimmy


Shadows. (at Black Powder)
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