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i get a little bit heavy sometimes, i know all about the blues.

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pretty flowers.

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What are cow dreams? 

Redwood skin.

This is the first Goddess dress I ever made, nearly 5 years ago! One fine day when baby Indigo was asleep I set out on a mission to create a dress which I had been pondering on. I wanted something warm, elegant and that also had a medieval/fantasy feel.I drew the design straight onto the french hemp terry which I had bought thinking it was the hemp fleece.. whoops. I had 10m of it and so it was plenty to play with. I modified the hood and sleeves from a jumper my brother had bought me. The body was taken from an op-shopped tee shirt and the skirt was from a dress my hubby had bought me. A little Frankenstein-ish but it worked!! And it was from this that the cropped hoodies, Gelfling’s and mini dresses came to be. From little things big things grow…

Jane Birkin

the dream


(via healthybeautifulfit)

You don’t need to eliminate animal products from your diet to enjoy the benefits listed in this graphic.

You can lower your environmental footprint by buying locally and environmentally-friendly products. 

You can help support the humane treatment of all animals by buying humanely-raised animal products, and products from companies that support humanely raised animals.

You can improve your health by swapping out conventionally raised animal products and following primal principles. 

The basics, y’all.


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